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Why the Devils Deserve Your Loyalty

Why the fuck is barely anyone from New Jersey a New Jersey Devils fan? Put aside the fact that they have sucked the past few years and think about that question. I will tell you why, the majority of people living in this state are a traitorous and brainless band of betas who have no loyalty to their home state and don’t think for themselves. You go to North Jersey and everyone is a fucking Rangers fan, you go to South Jersey and everyone is a fucking Flyers fan. Central Jersey doesn’t really exist so forget about them. The fact remains, there are wanna-be instagram models who have more followers than the Devils, New Jersey’s one and only professional sports team.

We had the New Jersey Nets. The golden era of Jason Kid, Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson and Kerry Kittles. They gave us the relatively consistent excitement of playoff basketball and a little bit of state pride when sandwiched between two big franchises like the 76ers and the Knicks. But then Jay-Z and the hipster infested borough of Brookyln had to go and fuck that up.

We kind of have the Jets and Giants since they play in the Meadow lands (which is in New Jersey) but they will always be New York football teams.

The Devils are 3-0 against the Flyers this season. Outscoring them 14-3. We beat the Flying fuck out of them and always do, but whenever you go to a game or watch a game at the bar there are always people from New Jersey who root for the Flyers. Fuck the Flyers. That scummy, dirty, trashy and honor-less city hasn’t done anything besides support Its’ Always Sunny┬ásince the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I don’t give a shit if your Dad was from Philly and that’s why you’re a fan. Think for yourself, you’re not a god damn lapdog.

And it’s the same thing for Rangers’ fans. We are 1-1-2 against them, not great but not terrible. We beat them in a great game last night that included some great fights, some great hockey, and an especially great outcome. But still probably half the people at the game were New Jersey natives wearing blue sweaters. There are few things I can’t stand more than a lack of loyalty and this shit just pisses me off.

I’m sure once the Devils start winning again the fans will come out of the woodwork but jesus people, can we get some support behind the only team we have left? Even if their play doesn’t deserve it right now, they need it. This team has always had a lot of fight, they just need some people in their corner.