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So Tim Allen, Maybe don’t compare yourself to the Persecuted Jews of Nazi Germany?

If you haven’t heard this story yet check it out here cause it is a doozy. I almost believe that this has to be some kind of joke. Is anyone truly this dumb? Idk what west coast weed Tim Allen is smoking but there is no shot anyone is gonna side with you on this one pal, idc how funny you are. Like I understand what he was saying, that Hollywood is so overrun with liberals that being a conservative is like being a socialist in that Bryan Kranston movie called Trumbo, (actually a pretty decent flick). But the point is how the fuck are you so dumb as to actually say your Hollywood friends not inviting you over for brunch is the same as being forcibly relocated, separated from your loved ones and eventually… well you know the rest. Haven’t seen this kind of stupid out of a celebrity in a while, but please I hope they keep em coming, its not every day you get to use outrageous references from Silicon Valley. (Also Timmy, can’t help that Hollywood has a lot of jews, I’m just sayin.)