Does this look like the woman you want promoting your nightclubs?

London woman

“…from her native New Jersey, Amy Lamé has staged a late-night manifesto on protected sex in one of the city’s most notorious gay cruising zones, and created and hosted a sex and sexuality-themed TV game show. She has also emceed a cabaret night whose guests have included a flame dancer, a hula hoop artist and a stripping dwarf.”

Uhhh yeah that’s gonna be a no for me dog. So I guess since all that brexit shit happened, London’s nightclub scene is goin tits up and the government is stepping in to try and fix it? I have never been a big club guy but it doesn’t sound like places notorious for promoting nefarious lifestyles and the government should mix. Tip of the cap to the Brits for trying to stimulate the economy with more ecstasy filled raves and sweat-sleeked orgy parties but I’m not sure that this is the best way to get people to forget that you abandoned the EU.

And I don’t mean to tell you how to do your job but why the hell would you pick this Dolores Umbridge lookin woman? From the small amount of experience I do have with clubs I would say that they are promoted by sleezy dudes and slutty chicks. But hey those redcoats love their Game of Thrones so maybe Tyrion Lannister jumping through hula hoops on fire is exactly what their nightlife needs.