Why You Need to Watch HBO’s The Leftovers

One of the few things I pride myself on in my life is my judgement. Whether it’s judgment of a person, a place, or more importantly, a television show or movie. I fucking love movies and TV, probably to the point of obsession. The amount of brain space I have wasted remembering lines, characters, plots etc. is probably pretty depressing. Regardless, I take this shit serious and I mean it when I say you need to watch The Leftovers.

Did you like Stranger Things? Did you like The Following? Do you know wtf I am even talking about? The Leftovers is a show that’s extremely difficult to explain but I am going to go ahead and try anyway. Like the aforementioned two shows that are also pretty entertaining, (at least Following season 1), this show has the creepy and mysterious vibes of those two combined with unnatural events taking place in the regular world and then throw in cults, violence, sex  and all that good stuff you know HBO brings to the table.

It is a show about what happens to humanity when 2% of the human population, or 140 million people, simply vanish into thin air without a trace of where they went or what happened.

The best part? It isn’t about finding the answer to where these people went. There isn’t some explanation that is gonna set everything right in the world. It is a reflection on how individual people, families, and society as a whole cope with such a massive, life altering and inexplicable event. Some of the shit is really fucked up, no doubt, but that is what makes it so good, it’s real. And did I mention it was creepy? Like you can’t watch with the lights off creepy.

It is definitely complicated and confusing and you tend to get lost at times but in my opinion that’s what a good show does. It leaves you asking wtf just happened, what did I just watch but it also makes you want to figure everything out.

A first time watcher is blessed that the first two season are already out because the first season can get a little tedious and is a lot of character development and setting the stage so being able to binge watch will definitely help you out. By the end  of the first season it pops off and leads you into arguably one of the best seasons of television I have ever watched. Season two is fucking awesome. The soundtrack is amazing and the story will blow your mind. And the soundtrack is AMAZING.

If your not a sheep brained, mouth breathing, big bang theory watching, mindless human being who needs a laugh track to tell you when you’re supposed to show emotion, you should watch this show. The characters are complex and you get emotionally invested in them. It keeps you on the edge of your seats and it makes you fucking think which a lot of us could use some more of. Plus its a good show to pick up when waiting for Thrones.

So your re-watch of Friends can fuck right off because The Leftovers is going to change the way you think about television. Season 3, April 16.

Here’s a taste.


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