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Maryland Basketball and Medellin, one and the same

Last night, to me, was like a movie premiere I had really been looking forward to for months that didn’t even remotely come close to the expectations. We had a big star on the team set to carry us, (Melo Trimble), a supposed pretty good director who just got paid and should know how to put it all together, (Mark Turgeon), and a relatively unknown and untested supporting cast that had a lot of promise and potential, (Huerter, Cowan, Jackson, etc.) Sounds like the makings of a pretty good movie am I right? So then how the fuck did we suck worse than Medellin at Cannes??

It is because we fell victim to the same exact problems that Vinny Chase, E, and Billy Walsh ran into, over hype, false confidence, and false hope. Our regular season was equivalent to the leaked Medillin trailer that got everyone excited and hyped about us. With three starting freshman we weren’t supposed to have such early season success, we weren’t supposed to win 20 out of our first 22 games. And with Melo at the helm people started believing maybe we can make a run this year. We developed feelings of hope and belief only to show up at the big dance with our pants around our ankles.

The sad thing is that I have seen this movie before. Last year I would argue we had one of, if not the most talented team in the NCAA. Our entire starting lineup could have gone to the NBA, and barring Melo having a down season, they all might have. Before that the terps did the same thing with Dez Wells and Alex Len.

So I ask you then, what the shit are we doing wrong? I hesitate to put all of the blame on Turgeon because he seems a pretty decent recruiter, is a players coach and the #loveday crew all seem to love him. And he has had success…in the regular season. When does winning over 20 games against a pretty weak out of conference schedule stop becoming enough to keep his head out of the chopping block? And don’t get me wrong, I am not calling for his head…yet. All I am saying is that he needs to show Terpnation and the rest of the country that he can have success in the postseason or he needs to get shown out of College Park.

A lot of people are gonna say that they predicted Maryland losing in the first round because they shouldn’t have even been a 6 seed in the first place and you wouldn’t be wrong. But fuck it, the season is over and try as I might to not get excited for next year, the future looks pretty good. With three starting freshman returning as sophomores and with the potential to bring Melo back for his senior year, who knows…

Ah shit, I can see the sequel now.



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